"Besides working with the most respectful Turkish clothing brands MOMTEKS also represents European fashion brands to meet thier entire sourcing/manufacturing needs" 




 "Our services include the stages of carrying out all phases of a mass production whics is handled  closely by our experienced team.  We offer our customers a whole package service at EU standards from "Fabric development to manufacturing and finally the delivery of garments.  



We plannify our production according to the product type and order amount. For MOMTEKS in order to achieve the best "Garment results"   the production specs should match with the ability of the factories.  Thus, all orders are routed only to  factories specialised in the production of that particular fabric, garment or product.  All our contracted facilities bear EU standards in terms of production quality and working conditions for their staff. We have a special production team for the planning and follow-up of productions in small quantities (200 pieces per color/design).





In both "mens and ladies including" we are specialized on maufacturing of blouses, jackets, trousers, casual and night dresses, tops, cardigans, coats, tunics, tshirts, pants, shirts, tops, polos, sweatshirts, hoodies, leggings, jumpsuits, bodysuits and also denim.


From the design-protos & SMS samples stage to the bulk production and delivery all the process is handled by MOMTEKS. Fabric tests (shrinkage,  azo etc.) are sistematicaly being made, then the garments are inspected meticulously to ensure the best quality delivery. The experienced and efficient team of "MOMTEKS" is capable of handling any customized services that our customers are looking for. We are committed to provide our clients EU standards service packages to generate high level of customer satisfaction. 




Our regular services are listed in four main categories;





Manufacturing Supply and Sourcing


Fresh Order / OEM Service

Conceptual Product Development


Sample Development

Quality Control



Finished Product Supply

Sourcing Service

Search and Identify Manufacturer/Supplier


Structuring Contract

Quality Inspections

Factory Evaluation

Shipment Monitoring

Logistics Support

Buying / Trading Agent Service








Initial Product Inspection

During Production Inspection

Final Random Inspection

Loading Supervision

Auditing Service

Factory Audit

Social Audit

Compliance Audit

Legal Support

Logistics Support


Strategic Marketing





Logistics Support

Project Management

Business Networking


Investment Consultation

Business Consultation

Market Research 

Business Development

SWOT reports & analysis

Legal Support


Organizational Development


Events Management


Organizing Trade Fairs


Local agent for the Foreign

Participants of Trade Fairs


Travel Agent and Hospitality Service to Foreign Clients