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"Besides working with the most respectful Turkish clothing brands MOMTEKS also represents European fashion brands to meet thier entire sourcing/manufacturing needs" 




 "Our services include the stages of carrying out all phases of a mass production whics is handled  closely by our experienced team.  We offer our customers a whole package service at EU standards from "Fabric development to manufacturing then to delivery" 



"We plannify our production according to the type and order amount with MOQ beginning from

100 items/ color" 

"From design-protos & SMS samples stage to the bulk production entire manufactruing process is handled by MOMTEKS"


 "The experienced "MOMTEKS" team is capable of handling any customized services that our customers are looking for"


"We are committed to provide our clients EU standards service packages to generate high level of customer satisfaction" 


Main services provided by MOMTEKS 

  • Fresh Order / OEM Service,

  • Conceptual Product Development,

  • Pre sampling costing exercice,

  • Sample Development,

  • Definitive pricing,

  • Cutting,

  • Sewing,

  • Quality Control,

  • Labeling,

  • Packaging,

  • Finished Product Supply,

  • Sourcing,

  • Logistics Support,



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